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  • Memento Mori

  • Billy the Kid

spel Yannick Noomen, Rik Elstgeest, Chris Doyle, Marius Mensink, Maya Mertens, Orpheo McCord, Mitchell Yoshida off stage Anne Maike Mertens, Floor Houwink ten Cate, Sanne Vanderbruggen scenography Julian Maiwald kostuum Esmée Thomassen licht Siemen van der Werf geluid Rick Gobée

Billy the Kid

An international music-theater show about the American-Western icon, Billy the Kid. Billy gallops through many films, songs, biographies, and even scientific research. Was he a hero or a murderer? Still nobody really knows who he was, who his consorts were, how many lives he took, why and how he met his own end, or the extent to which his whole story is a myth. Society’s image of Billy the Kid has outgrown the realities of the historical figure, and with that, he has outgrown the truth. Perhaps what we want him to be is more important than what he really was?